Get your KPIs notified in real time


A production dashboard dedicated to glass makers to follow Key Performance Indicators in real timeDashboard-production-indicatorsSIL Dashboard displays at-a-glance main KPI to decision makers, about

- notifications for new events to read, events currently running, tendencies, late controls ...
- worst cavities with tendencies and alarms
- production outputs with tendencies
- shop monitoring graphs
- defects,
- plant news ...

SIL Dashboard widgets give direct access to detailed information in values, percentage, tons or on graphs.

SIL Dashboard is secured, flexible and available anytime on any PC of the plant, on your tablet or smartphone.

SIL Dashboard is included in SILX, the Intranet platform dedicated to Production

With the increase in information data about process, quality, and the multiplicity of inspection equipment providing their own data, glassmakers
require a centralized platform to manage information.

SILX answers that need for a centralized information platform, providing to the actors of the plant a single, direct and secure access to the
information they require.

Any type of electronic document can be managed:
- Key Performance Indicators
- Security messages
- Photos albums
- News
- Documents as: procedures, glass campaign…

It can be created, approved, published or read depending on the user's profile : Manager, Supervisor, Hot End/Cold End Operator, Maintenance...


  • Make your decision easier thanks to a better access to information and to KPI
  • Allow direct and easy communication between all the departments of the plant
  • Inform your people about facts and events in real time, quicker than paper display
  • Suppress paper with documentation management
  • Personalize your workspace with information you only have selected, depending on your profile


  • Publication and access to information
  • Direct access to Key Performance Indicators
  • Quick access to reporting
  • Documentation management

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