SILC - Supervision of production in real time


SILC is a data acquisition system used daily in a plant by managers as well as the operators at hot end and the cold end. Some of the indicators acquired by the system and displayed on SILC dashboards are weight, defects and rejects. Besides the added value of displaying KPIs, a messages feature between hot end and cold end significantly improves communication between operators on the whole production line.

Key features

The SILC dashboard for supervisors displays production line data such as the number of sections and cavities for one IS machine. A great quantity of information is provided by the hot end and cold end SILC dashboards as well. Some of the information recorded, such as weights or periodical actions, requires the operators to take action regularly (i.e. every 20 minutes) whereas other data such as results of thickness controls or pictures of defects are issued automatically. Automatically issued information is possible thanks to the connection between the SILC system and the inspection and control machines. Results of setouts, mold changes or variable equipment management can be consulted in SILC. All data collected by SILC makes communication between operators easier – thus improving productivity. At the same time, SILC provides production managers with all the indicators necessary to conduct precise analysis and make decisions appropriately. This, for example, is the case with information related to hot end losses, losses by mold or along the production line. Forms can be issued after a production event (e.g. critical defect), in order to guarantee traceability of actions taken and to conduct customized analysis. It is worth mentioning that all these indicators are accessible to managers via SILX interface.

Why to install SILC?

SILC displays all production data necessary to improve a plant’s performance. Thanks to the information shared, operators are able to take appropriate actions. SILC supervision software facilitates precise analysis by displaying various and diversified KPIs. This paperless solution leads to significant saving of both time and money. SILC is definitely the right, reliable partner in the quest to boost productivity and outputs.