SILDeco - Decoration lines supervision


SILDeco is a software for acquiring data on glass decoration lines. It displays real time Key Performance Indicators such as losses, variable equipment and machine breakdowns in order to guarantee a continuous improvement of a plant’s productivity.

Key features

Like most SIL products, KPIs are displayed on operators’ and managers’ dashboards. If a user wishes to examine one specific indicator in greater detail, a view per hour, per shift or per day is available. The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), expressed in a percentage, is one of these indicators and is particularly relevant for analyses. It is the product of the following three factors: machine performance, machine availability and product quality level. Data on variable equipment, periodical actions or output per line are also available in SILDeco. In addition to this, reports summarizing all these KPIs can be issued in order to facilitate analyses.

Why to install SILDeco?

SILDeco makes your decoration lines even more efficient, in particular by highlighting data on machine breakdowns. In short, analyses on output and machine breakdowns can only improve your plant’s performance. SILDeco is SILC’s twin brother dedicated to decoration lines.