SILX - All KPIs at a glance


Through customizable widgets, the Content Management System SILX displays real time KPIs coming directly from the data acquisition system SIL. From the operator to the CEO, from the plant to the headquarters, this interface is available to all employees within a company. Since KPIs can be accessed very easily on SILX, analyses and comparisons can be conducted at a glance.

Key features

SILX is available on the Web and displays data acquired by SIL in real time. Each user has a customized access: employees select and organize widgets in line with the needs of their position. In addition, other parameters can be set for the display, for example data publication frequency or number of information for each widget. Displayed data can also be generated as SIL reports. Furthermore, decision-makers at headquarters have an overview of KPIs from several plants on one single screen. Therefore, performance in real time of plants within a same group can be easily compared on the dashboard.

Why to install SILX?

A simple and efficient display of KPIs gives all users the possibility to easily and rapidly conduct comparisons and analyses. SILX is a real asset to improve internal communication within a company, for both operators on-site and decision-makers at the headquarters. Full access of key performance indicators leads to production data in steady improvement.