SILXGlass - Glass campaigns and materials management


SILXGlass is a quality control management system for the glass laboratory. The system guarantees an on-going improvement of the glass quality, thanks to the traceability of the controls and the tools for statistical analysis of raw materials and composition of glass samples.

Key features

SILXGlass has two main interfaces, one for raw materials and one for glass matrix management. On the first interface, operators enter all the control data related to the materials. This data is analyzed by the software according to predefined limits. Raw material deliveries can also be tracked and reported, which is an excellent way of checking the ratio between quality and price by delivery and by provider. The glass matrix interface allows recording the results of the tests on the glass samples for detailed analysis of the glass composition and batch recipes. SILXGlass is a multi-plant solution; in other words, raw material and glass campaign analysis from several plants of a group can be carried out in the same laboratory.

Why to install SILXGlass?

SILXGlass allows comprehensive traceability of glass quality and raw materials for the glass campaigns; facilitating statistical analysis and recipe comparisons, which helps improve overall product quality. High quality materials and a controlled glass matrix mean high quality end products; which is a perfect equation.