SILXMould - Mold Management


SILXMould is an application managing single molds and mold sets in real time, allowing the viewing of mold status and history at a glance. By having a full traceability of individual molds, mold sets can be used in a more consistent manner leading to a more optimized and even use of the mold sets, saving time and money.

Key features

SILXMould tracks every single mold, thus enabling access to each mold history as well as all the information regarding the whole set. For each mold individually, the software registers the number of rotations and gob cuts, the remaining potential before replacement and the history of dimensional controls. Causes for a mold change at the hot end can also be consulted. The full traceability of the molds helps the operator in charge of repairs undertake the appropriate tasks to make the molds available as soon as possible. Since molds are made available immediately, the number of sections stopped due to lack of molds is reduced to zero! The software also includes a messages feature, strongly improving communication between operators at the hot end and the mold shop.

Why to install SILXMould?

Defining characteristics of SILXMould are traceability, prioritization and optimization. By tracking each mold individually, SILXMould provides all the required information to conduct precise analyses, particularly on a mold’s remaining potential. The comparison between the theoretical number of gob cuts and the real number of gob cuts in relation to the mold price makes taking decisions easier and leads to a more optimized investment when buying new molds. An optimized mold management: a winning investment.