SILXPallet - Pallet Management


SILXPallet manages the pallet quality at the end of line, but also before. The statistical quality controls determine a pallet status: if the pallet is accepted, it can be sent to customers with total peace of mind; if the pallet is not in compliance with the established tolerances, it is blocked. This is an essential process to insure quality of end products sent to customers.

Key features

SILXPallet blocks pallets which do not match the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) previously defined. A pallet can be blocked at the end of line after a statistical control, but also after detection of a risk condition such as a defect at the hot end or cold end noticed during a set out or a machine challenging which do not reject control samples from an inspection machine. A pallet status is determined in line with the AQL, divided into several severity levels and defined according to the military standard – ISO2589-1 international standard – or any other standard decided upon. All the standard criteria are registered in SILXPallet, to the extent that the status is automatically generated: in other words, operators have no influence on AQL. If a pallet status needs to be changed, the operator has to get in touch with a manager. Amongst other features, SILXPallet issues pallet tags displaying more particularly the pallet number and status, in order to improve products traceability.

Why to install SILXPallet?

Using SILXPallet constitutes a great asset to insure end products quality before delivery to customers. Acceptable quality levels of controls carried out within the framework of SILXPallet are defined on the basis of the wished-for standard, which stands for reliability whatever the destination country is. Thanks to accurately controlled pallets customer risk is highly reduced.