SILXQual - Quality controls and efficiency


SILXQual aims at managing quality controls in laboratories. Tolerance thresholds are previously configured by the manager; therefore, as soon as an entered value exceeds limits, standards of reaction are quickly triggered. All the values resulting from these controls are recorded and can be easily accessed to conduct comparisons and analyses. Thanks to this time-saving operation and this enhanced visibility, your quality controls can only get better.

Key features

Like most SIL products, SILXQual is made of an operator interface on the one hand, and a manager interface on the other. Quality controls are achieved per production order, and specifications are divided into several phases in order to organize the control in the most accurate way. Once a phase has been chosen, the setout can be started; all the data is reported on the interface automatically through measuring devices connected to the system or manually by an operator. Even if the order of molds sampled on IS machine is recorded in SILXQual, it is also possible to proceed with Right Center Left setouts at lehr exit, samplings without any mold number or statistical setouts. Lower Control Limits and Upper Control Limits as well as Lower Warning Limits and Upper Warning Limits are configured beforehand. As soon as a measure is out of tolerances, the software reacts according to six standards of reaction. As a matter of fact, hot end and cold end operators are immediately informed and can put into place necessary corrective actions. As soon as the setout is over, a sum-up screen displays all key data about the operation. In addition to this, a certificate of conformity can be issued and sent to customers.

Why to install SILXQual?

On SILXQual, all the data related to quality controls is recorded and sorted. Thanks to this full traceability, quick and precise analyses can be conducted. Furthermore, standards of reaction grant for a better communication between production and laboratory teams; problems on line are then solved more quickly. SILXQual is the keystone of your laboratories.